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Meet The Focal Team



Originally a fully apprenticed Aircraft Engineer, a City of London Compliance Officer, Stock Exchange Manager, Property Investor and Pan-European Rail Freight logistics expert, Rod Hilditch, Managing Director and owner, founded FOCAL to challenge and inspire the Pan-European rail freight industry to examine its opportunities in the 21st century to offer long-term volume logistics routes and services which would inter-modally transfer significant freight from Europe's roads to existing rail facilities. Having become recognised as a leading innovator and visionary in this field, Rod Hilditch has led FOCAL to being commissioned in the roles noted above on an increasingly wide scale. By harnessing the strengths of its expert associates, FOCAL, valuing its independence, remains at the forefront of rail solutions innovation. Its confidential client list continues to grow on a widening international basis.


Risk Analyst/Project Developer

Doing a part time masters degree in disaster management has led Laura nicely into the role she currently fulfils at FOCAL. Having worked previously in a number of roles, ranging from office administration to customer service and other manual and office jobs Laura is able to adapt quickly to new situations which FOCAL often requires and is able to apply the skill set and academic knowledge gained from her course in a practical setting. Laura has also worked for an NGO in Africa, developing complex projects in areas of poverty and managing in unfamiliar situations through quick thinking and communication to see the projects through.

Laura works with the team at FOCAL and with key stakeholders in projects to progress developments, ease communication and assist where necessary. She is responsible for assessing and reducing the potential risks that can put any FOCAL project into jeopardy. She also has the responsibility of the development of potential avenues of business that could lead to future projects within the company.



Resident Engineer

After training to diploma level in Industrial Design, Peter Tew started his career in the city of London before winning a post in Germany in the design department of a major power tool manufacturer. On returning to the UK, he spent seven years in managing a cutting tool manufacturer before becoming an independent consultant.

In the past Peter has consulted companies such as Bosch, Saab, Rover and the Dti. Rod met Peter during this time and commissioned him to carry out the original BHT designs and trials and he has seen it through to its latest developments.

Peter has been heavily involved with the design and engineering of the BHT I and BHT II projects. Being the resident engineer it is his responsibility that both projects comply with regulations and are manufactured to the correct specifications. Being an engineer he is invaluable to FOCAL because of his technical knowledge and extensive experience in the field of industrial design.


Arsalan Ahmed

Marketing Assistant

Arsalan has recently completed an MBA from Coventry University. He has worked in marketing roles previously and brings an international and varied perspective to FOCAL’s operations. He is responsible for the overall marketing of the various aspects of FOCAL’s businesses and also in the promotion of the BHT brand.

Before joining FOCAL Arsalan worked in a Public Relations firm and gained a lot of insight into the world of marketing and PR. He was responsible for dealing with numerous clients and ensuring their marketing and PR needs were met.

Arsalan’s skills lie in his ability to bring a fresh creative approach to any project and to envision a different way of doing things. Arsalan is a very focused and committed individual who sees projects through to the end and does so with a high level of enthusiasm and passion. His strength can be found in his strong business background and understanding of current and future projects.



Group Finance

Michael Oaten, Senior Partner, Corporate Finance Europe, Arthur Andersen until his retirement, now joint managing partner with Barons CH a corporate finance practice in Geneva and Knightsbridge London, has acted as the mentor and confidant to Rod Hilditch during the development of FOCAL almost since its foundation. Widely experienced in the senior levels of logistics and transport executive management across Europe and the Far East especially, Michael continues to support FOCAL's development actively.


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Brand & marketing consultants.