Nothing to see here, or is there??

About Us

FOCAL earth is a private limited liability company, 100% owned and directed by Managing Director, Rod Hilditch. FOCAL earth currently operates throughout Europe, India and China delivering expertise, innovation and enhanced profitability to public and private sector clients on a major scale. FOCAL earth earns advisory fees, equity shares in projects and success related bonuses from the many varied assignments it undertakes on behalf of its clients.

FOCAL earth is a Member of The UK Rail Freight Group, a Member of the Incubator Stable at the European Space Agency, Noordwyk, Holland, associate members of RailNetEurope, RAFTS (Marco Polo II Incubator), CNES Incubator and a leading member of the Development Committee of 'Ferrmed', the prestigious and influential 200 member European rail lobby group.

Core Skills

FOCAL earth, uniquely perhaps, brings together very practical knowledge, experience and contacts in innovatively designing, developing and delivering rail logistics solutions to meet the growing needs of major manufacturers and global logistics operators. By harnessing the forces and influence of major customers, infra-structure managers, political enablers and major investors, FOCAL earth delivers capability and capacity to facilitate long-term inter-modal change, for high volume freight, from road to rail.

FOCAL earth maintains a high-level network of well connected and experienced associates across Europe with a view to adding early high-profile, expertise and input into complex challenges specific to many European countries.

Operational Roles

Throughout its history, FOCAL earth has acted within a wide variety of roles within its core expertise. Currently, these include:

  • Retained Advisor - Major UK Utility + Global Infrastructure Lessor
  • Innovator/Solutions Creator & Deliverer - The BHT Project
  • Project Principal - Re-Generation of French Rail Termini
  • Project Leader - The 'RAFTS' North Sea Train Ferry
  • Project Manager - One North East/Network Rail Project
  • Introducer of Project Finance & Development Partners - Re-Instated Rail Yard and Rail Network Connection for Major UK Exporter