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Founded in 1996, FOCAL Limited was established to combine the advanced engineering, rail logistics and property investment skills of its principal and owner, Rod Hilditch for applications in the Pan-European Rail Logistics environment.

In advance of most of the industry, FOCAL earth identified the European opportunities and growing markets which could be effectively serviced by rail in the 21st century, but only if a significant number of key 'barriers' to modern logistics operations were dismantled. FOCAL earth remains at the forefront of addressing such 'barriers' to this day, both at the highest EU and National Government levels and at specific locations identified with global customers seeking rail logistics solutions.

Based in Southam in the heart of the West Midlands, FOCAL are ideally suited to remain connected with organisation in both the North and South of the country as well as having the added benefits of close connections to Advantage West Midlands and many other Midland based organisations.


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